Who Buys Broken Laptops Near Me? (4 Quick Buyers)

Every laptop has a limited lifespan; especially when it comes to budget laptops like laptops under $500, it might get slow or dead after extensive usage. In that situation, you can sell it on online marketplaces or in shops instead of throwing it away.

So stop letting your damaged laptop sit around! Give it a new life by turning it into some extra cash.

There are typically two sorts of buyers:

1. Private buyers and repair businesses buy broken laptops to use as parts

2. Companies purchase them to resell and refurbish

You also have several choices in hand to sell your broken laptops. You might try getting in touch with your nearby computer repair shops or looking for online places like classified ads or marketplaces where it is easy to find millions of local buyers. 

However it can be hard to find legitimate websites or local shops that can buy your broken laptop at a fair price. That is why I have compiled the best websites and services that will pay you the best price for your used electronics.

Let’s dig in to find the best possible ways to sell the broken or used laptops:

4 Places To Sell Your Broken Laptops!

1. Local electronics stores:

Local electronics stores buy broken laptops; all you need to do is search for one in your area. These stores often work with a variety of electronics, so they might be interested in buying damaged laptops to fix or sell them.

These shops are easy to find and can offer an effective way to sell your laptop nearby.

Pros and cons of selling to local retailers:


  1. When you sell your laptop to local electronic stores, dealing with online transactions and shipping is not necessary.
  2. You can get paid right away without any delays or excuses.
  3. Local businesses have knowledgeable workers who can provide a precise price for your damaged laptop.


  1. Local stores may provide prices that are way too low compared to private buyers or online marketplaces, which means you can get half of what you think you will get.
  2. There may be fewer chances of bargaining.

2. Online marketplaces:

Online marketplaces are the most preferred options for most people. Because it is an easy way to buy and sell stuff.

Laptops that are damaged or used are sold on websites like Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay. There are millions of buyers and sellers, some of whom deal with electronics. 

There are obviously customers out there who actually search for broken laptops; however, it is not 100% certain that every buyer on these platforms will be interested in buying these kinds of gadgets.


eBay is an awesome place to sell your used or broken laptops. There are millions of users on this hugely popular online marketplace from all over the world. Technology is one of the top-selling categories on online auction sites.

There are many users who buy broken laptops, as there is a specific category for damaged laptops or laptop parts. 

All you have to do is create a seller account and start uploading appropriate pictures of your broken laptops along with a proper description. 

A buyer who is interested may submit a bid or make a straight purchase if you include that option. 

After the item sells, you will need to set up a shipment and complete a transaction. eBay takes a small fee when you sell something there or make a purchase there. In other words, the fees you will pay will vary according to how much the laptop ultimately costs.


This online marketplace for classified ads is a leader in its industry. It is also one of the most well-known online marketplaces where you can buy and sell items nearby. 

It is a bit different from eBay due to its bigger focus on classified ads, where you can find all kinds of stuff like furniture, gadgets, and even job postings. 

The best part about Craigslist is that it focuses on bringing local people together, so you can locate items close to you and save on shipping hassles. 

Simply take care when meeting up with strangers and trust your gut to ensure a secure transaction. Additionally, don’t forget to negotiate over the price; mark up the sale price a little bit to leave room for negotiation.

On Craigslist, all you have to do is create a listing and post pictures of your used or broken laptops, and you will be in charge of how much you will take for your used laptop.

The biggest international marketplace you have access to is probably eBay, but most people can also sell on Amazon. You will have a better chance of earning the most money for the parts or making the quickest sale if you choose the global market.

However, the secret to selling broken laptops is to be completely honest about the condition.


Amazon is a real game changer when it comes to online shopping; you can pretty much find anything you need in this huge marketplace. From electronic devices to clothing, from furniture to books, Amazon offers everything. 

And the best part is that Amazon does not only sell brand-new goods. In some categories, they also accept laptops that are broken or defective.

You can talk about them clearly in the product description and sell them as used or refurbished laptops. It’s a fantastic chance to give your laptop a second shot while earning some extra money.

Another great option is the Amazon trade-in program, where you can ship your old items and receive Amazon gift cards. This is not typically the biggest return on your money.

Gadget Salvation:

Gadget Salvation is an online website that accepts a variety of gadgets, including laptops that may be broken or have flaws, because they are aware that not all technologies are in perfect working order. 

When you visit their website, you can enter information about the condition of your laptop, including any damages or problems it may have. After they have checked it, they will provide you with a fair quote.

If you are satisfied with the proposal, you can ship your damaged laptop to the company, and they will handle the rest. 

They have secure payment via Check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or whatever suits you the best. You will be paid within 2 business days after they go through the product and everything is as you said it was.

3. Facebook Marketplace and Communities:

Broken laptops can also be sold on Facebook Marketplace, which was launched in 2016 to provide local buyers and sellers with a more reliable platform. 

If you are already a Facebook user, the listing is quite simple. There are no costs to sell on the marketplace, which is a plus. You can post your laptop for free and wait for responses from interested buyers. People who deal with damaged laptops can most probably contact you. 

When someone contacts you, make sure to review their profile before making any deals. If you are suspicious about the buyer’s identity, there is a chance they will try to con you. 

Deal only with those who can provide complete identification and are honest about who they are. 

Online communities:

You might also try participating in online forums or communities where people talk about buying and selling electronics. Find forums with a focus on laptops; these forums should have a buy-and-sell category. Then, make a post describing the specifications and issues with the laptop. Be honest and provide clear pictures.

For instance, you can go to Subreddit Hardwareswap to find the buyers.

Also, watch out for scammers who will ask you to deliver the laptop but will not immediately pay you. It is better to meet them in person when making any deal.

4. Repair shops or technicians:

Many solo technicians and small repair shops look for cheap, damaged laptops to recycle for parts. A broken laptop is cheaper for a repairman to purchase than fresh parts from manufacturers. 

Some people want to buy huge quantities of damaged laptops to repair them and sell them at higher prices. 

People buy broken laptops for these three reasons:

  • To repair it because that would be much cheaper
  • To refurbish them
  • Or simply disassemble them
  • sell any usable parts on the spare parts market

There may be usable parts in defective PCs or laptops from which repair businesses and experts can truly benefit; for instance, they can convert one or more damaged machines into functioning ones and sell them.

In a pawn shop, they will offer you a lower price for the laptop and then reduce it even more to maximize their profit. 

Always set your price high when you are selling so there is room for negotiating a fair price, and make sure the buyer is aware of every detail of the deal.

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