Which is better: Lenovo or Acer?

Now, as for the selection of Lenovo vs. Acer, it pretty much depends on your requirements. 

Lenovo has been recognized for its slim design and advanced features; on the other hand, Acer is somewhat lighter and more pocket-friendly which provides a good option too. 

It boils down to your particular requirements and desires. For premium design and performance, Lenovo could perhaps be an option to consider. However, if budget is more important than brand to you, then perhaps Acer would be worth looking into. 

Make sure to take into account how much you want to spend, what kind of functionality you need, and what you will be using the gadget for.

So if you are looking for the top choice on the market, you should give this post a read. It will give you some great tips and advice to make the right decision.

Companies background:

Since its inception in 1984, Lenovo has had an impressive track record of innovation and expansion. 

This business was small in China but later became an international leader in the tech industry. 

The company is renowned for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops, including those of high quality and good design. During those years, they reached important goals, including the acquisition of the Department of Personal Computers of IBM, which allowed them to increase their presence 

On the other hand, Acer brand launched its journey a bit earlier, around 1976, in Taiwan. Both have succeeded in positioning themselves as authority figures within the tech industry – businesses offering wide-ranging products notable for both their high quality and cost-effectiveness. Catering to casual users and professionals equally well, Acer boasts an impressive portfolio of computers, including laptops.

Lenovo and Acer have consistently broken ground and adapted to their ever-evolving technology ecosystems. Their goal is to deliver novel products and innovate to meet the various demands of the market.

which is better lenovo vs acer

Overview of Lenovo:

In fact, with one of the most extensive selections of hardware available on the market for all users, Lenovo’s portfolio is incredibly diverse, a fact that I really appreciated.

Laptop models to choose from include one of the most recognized names in laptops-the ThinkPad line, known as reliable performers. Gaming laptops sold as part of their Lenovo Legion lineup target gamers wanting high-powered hardware and immersive experiences.

Along with laptops, Lenovo offers desktops for both personal and professional use. With their desktop options, they have all-in-one PCs, mini desktops, and regular tower models to suit every room dimension and performance requirement.

Lenovo has a full lineup of tablets as well, including the multifunctional Yoga Tab series featuring designs and extras like front-facing speakers and an integrated projector. If you are looking for some portable computing capabilities, Lenovo has a lineup of tablets catering to productivity, entertainment, and creativity needs.

In the market for mobile phones, Lenovo presents phones with excellent camera quality, long-life batteries, and a modern style. They’ve got budget options and preference options, so regardless of what you want, they have something for you.

Besides that, Lenovo offers numerous accessories, from monitors to USBs, keyboards to mice, and even docking stations, to improve the user experience in all their product ranges.

Design of Lenovo laptops:

While Lenovo has been mostly famous for the ThinkPad line, they still have room to excel in other aspects of a business laptop. If you are curious about 2in1 laptops, Lenovo has some of the coolest designs in this field ever.

One great example of this type is the Yoga series, which has raised expectations for 2 in 1 laptops (no pun intended, really). That said, I think, design-wise Lenovo has much up its sleeve.

Performance of Lenovo computers:

There is no doubt that a good laptop should have a pretty design and an ergonomic body, but that is not nearly as important as the power and speed of its hardware. But on the fronts of durability and reliability, many consider them one of the top brands.

In most cases, there isn’t that big of a difference between Acer and Lenovo in the performance aspect when you compare them. Acer was previously seen as an inferior brand, but that’s not true any more.


People joke that the ThinkPad is unbreakable (compared to probably it’s principal rival, the Macbook), but I can say from my own experience that Lenovo has been reliable. 

Lenovo laptops usually tend to come with a roll cage built around the internal components, thereby safeguarding them against fall and/or impact damage. There is also a spill tray underneath the laptop, which makes it somewhat faster if you spill something and hit the motherboard.

Battery life:

Battery life-wise, there will be different options depending on the Lenovo model you go for. Battery life is not the strongest suit of any Lenovo laptop across it’s full range, but you are still looking at around 7-8 hours worth.

If you are interested in extra long run time from your tablet battery, this may be a more suitable choice with the Lenovo Yoga Series. While some models can provide over 15-hour battery life, this is one of the best in its price range. 


Lenovo’s general price range of laptops falls in the mid-range category. They aren’t as expensive; there is Lenovo with their ThinkPads, for example, but they are less expensive than something like a Dell. Overall, they offer a decent user experience considering the pricing.

Overview of Acer:

In my opinion, Acer is arguably the most affordable laptop brand among these big guys (Apple, Dell, plus these two ASUS and HP). There might be some folks who feel their lappies are not quite the greatest, and I would not say they are wrong.

Their goods were usually budget items, so you could see them as cheaper options. 

However, that also means you are getting more bang-for-your-buck with a more powerful laptop. In fact, they have nearly as deep a lineup as the Lenovo Legion series.

So let’s dig into more about Acer.

If budget is what you are after in a convertible laptop, then I can tell you this: there is no reason not to consider the R13. If you want the best of both worlds, then it is one of the most affordable options available—a great option to go with. And it’s one of the best laptops for under $400.

It’s actually one of the best budget laptops out there in this price segment. You will get to read more about others in my future blogs.

Design of Acer laptops:

Most Acer designs have a very simple construction. That is why the design might not be great, but it is designed with people who don’t really care about how their laptop looks in mind. The one exception is the collection of Acer Chromebooks, which in general kind of look cool.

Performance of Acer laptops:

It depends on the overall specifications of the laptops rather than any one particular Acer laptop and how well they perform. For instance, you might not get great performance from an Acer Spin. But Acer’s Predator Helios and Swift lines typically provide solid overall performance.


Acer laptops have a longevity of 3-4 years. But it definitely doesn’t surpass Lenovo in terms of sturdiness because the components they utilize are more costly than almost every other brand. That’s because they end up with a lower-quality product and are thus prone to failure over time.

Battery Life:

I think one of the areas where Acer has been surprisingly good in terms of laptops is battery life. Most of their lines feature some real longevity, especially with their top-tier Acer models.


Honestly, the only reason that anyone buys Acer laptops is for the low price. With the same $500 budget, you can get a new 8 GB Acer laptop, which costs much less than what an 8 GB Lenovo laptop will cost you under the same brand name. But on the Acer, you’ll get everything cheaper, and the other components (processor, etc.) will generally also be more powerful compared to the Lenovo.

While Acer is sometimes criticized as being the least favorite among these big brands, they definitely occupy a niche place in our market! If you want the most “bang”, per dollar and aren’t worried about brand recognition, an Acer is usually your best bet.


Overall, comparing the two brands really depends on you—what do you need from a laptop? There’s no shortage in the number of choices, designs, features, and prices for each brand.

Before deciding on the model to choose, some background research should be done to find out whether reliability, battery-saving features, after-sale services, and the like matter so as to make an informed decision. Keep special features and specifications in mind while deciding on the best laptop for you that fits your requirements and offers great performance.