Best Laptop Interactive Buying Guide 2023

laptop interactive buying guide

Laptop buying guide especially for beginners

When it comes to buying a laptop, it’s no doubt a difficult thing, because everyone wants a laptop that can meet the needs at the lowest prices. But it’s a bit hard to choose the right one.

You must be wondering which laptop should I buy or what features should I focus on. If you compromise on price then you might waste your money and if you don’t then it can be expensive. Isn’t it so?

We understand your problem that’s why I thought to write a laptop buying guide that everyone could acquaint with. This laptop interactive buying guide will make everything clear to you in a digestible way.

Depending on the use of a laptop, we will discuss the following important features of a laptop.

  1. Operating System
  2. Processor
  3. RAM
  4. Storage
  5. Size (of screen), Resolution & weight

If you study it thoroughly this laptop buying guide will become the best laptop finder be spec.

Operating System:

There are dozens of operating systems in the world but most of them are work dependent and aren’t functional for regular purposes like Browsing, Surfing, Playing, Video Editing, and other general needs.

For example, Linux is good for commercial uses but you can’t use it for your personal surfing or playing.

That’s why we choose the top 3 Operating Systems (OS) that are widely used for many commercial and routine uses.

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Google’s Chrome OS

Microsoft Windows:

Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. According to research, 77 to 87,8% of people use Windows.

Most of the computers and laptops use Windows (other than Apple products) because of its diversity in use. It’s compatible with widely used software in personal and business. You can use it on your personal computers or laptops and also use it for your small businesses.

As it’s compatible with most of the software that’s why we can conclude that, if you’re looking for a laptop for playing games, or you’re a business person or you’re looking for it for personal use, Microsoft Windows can be your choice.

Apple’s macOS

  1. 6 to 13% of people use macOS because it’s especially used in Apple products. It can only be used on some other personal PCs or laptops that are compatible with this system. But it’s the second most trusted Operating System in the world because it’s much more secure and safe.

It’s also best in personal business functions, and it’s far safer if you’re a small business. Because it’s far more protective to viruses and malware because of its restrictions.

It’s also best if you want to install it on children’s laptops because it has parental control preferences that you can set in your settings.

However, you must keep in mind that it’s compatible with all software globally.

Google’s Chrome OS

6% globally use Google’s Chrome OS because of its limited use in business and restricted personal use.

If you’re looking for a laptop for using Google Chrome for browning and playing other odd games then it can be the best fit for you.

Keeping every aspect of its restriction, it’s a cool choice for your child’s laptop.


A processor is a chip that remains in the gadget and its purpose is to take input and process it and results in the output.

For example, you clicked your browser and a tab opened, it’s a task for the CPU. As this time I am typing my article, I am clicking the buttons on my keyboard, has opened a number of tabs in my browser, some of the apps are running silently, like, antivirus – all are tasks, and my laptop’s CPU is processing it quite sharply.

As many tasks you perform, as it becomes harder for a processor to process multi-tasks at a time. Hope that it helps you understand the function and importance of a processor.

We measure CPU’s speed in GHz. If you want to play heavy games, or you’re a business person who gives value to time then you should prefer buying a laptop with more processing speed.

Advanced processors are the multi-core ones. In simple, words a couple of processors work together on a single chip.

If a processor has one core, it’s called, single-core, it has two cores then it’s dual-core and so that. As the higher as the sharp performance. For regular gaming laptops, and for small businesses you should prefer 3.1 GHz.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

It’s a storage of a laptop where a laptop stores its data temporarily as long as the power the supplied. For simple understanding, let me give you an example of cache memory.

Once you open this article, your browser will reach my website’s server, ask for the data, and present it to you. This data is now stored somewhere on your browser. That you call Cache memory however cache memory is very small as compared to RAM. And if you open it again, your PC will open the previous version of this webpage it already opened. It won’t go back to the server.

The same is the function of RAM.

If you have a multitasking job and you want them quickly, then you should consider focusing on RAM. As the higher as the better. For routine personal use, 4GB RAM is fine.


There isn’t a long debate on storage, because everyone knows about storage. It’s a place where all data of a gadget is available. And it totally depends on your needs that how much storage you should prefer.

If you have a higher volume of data then large storage is required, however, you should just keep in mind that hard disk drive (HDD) is an old school storage device and solid-state drive (SSD) is an advanced technology of storage device. SSD works faster than HDD.

To sharpen your performance, you should prefer using the SSD.

Screen-size, resolution, and weight of laptops

Screen size and weight have no concerns with technical performance rate but it has a direct relation with your own performance speed and portability. You don’t need a laptop picker guide to help you out.

If you’re a traveler then should you need a laptop with an average screen size (14”) and light-weight laptops. But if you don’t keep your laptop with you, then it can be of any size and weight that meets your requirements.

However, for gaming, some people rely on small screens, especially for their kids. Instead of focusing on it, you should prefer to focus on the pixels of a laptop. If you’re looking for a laptop for playing games, then you need a higher resolution.

Hope that now you have well acquaintance with laptop features and now you can choose from the following the best laptops under $500.


It’s harder to digest a technical laptop buying guide that’s why we introduced this laptop interactive buying guide for all kinds of people, whether they are familiar with Techi things are not, you will understand it quite easily. This laptop interactive buying guide will help all of you to make a great decision about choosing a laptop.

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