How Much Storage Do You Really Need On Your Laptop?

How much storage do I need on my laptop?

It’s hard to decide which laptop one should buy because several factors do matter. And one of them is storage. You must be thinking about how much storage do I need on my laptop, but you don’t know how much storage you really need on your laptop.

The question may have many reasons behind it, and two of the main reasons behind this question are that,

  • You don’t want to buy a laptop with low storage and regret it.
  • You don’t want to buy an expensive laptop with a higher space and regret it.

Isn’t it so?

That’s why we will try to help you in this matter and give you an idea of how much storage you actually need on your laptop.

Frankly speaking, the exact answer to the question, how much storage you need on your laptop lies within your mind because it totally depends on your requirements.

So no one can answer you directly, but I can guide you in choosing the right one for you by giving you some useful data about storage.

Storage idea

The first and foremost guidance that I can offer you is the space idea. I can let you know how many files you can store on specific storage.

It will help you choose the right one for you.

  • You can store approximately two HD videos on each GB. But when those are in FHD or UHD, then surely you need quite heavy storage. For FHD, it will require more than a GB for each video, and for 4K, it will require 10 GB for each video.
  • If you’re a photographer and want to store high-resolution images, it will take up to 25GB to store high resolution 1000 images.
  • If you have some audio files, let’s say you have to store your Podcasts, then it will take half GB for each 60 minutes audio file.
  • To store games on your laptop, you should prefer more than 512GB. However, it totally depends on the game’s quality and the number of games. If you don’t have many games, you can go for 256GB at least.
  • And if you have text files, then it won’t take much space. It takes very few because it’s the most basic form of data.

So the above-given data can help you make a better decision on how much storage you exactly need.

But we can summarize the long story as, if you’re a business or need a laptop for gaming, it’s better to get at least 512GB, that you can buy here and if that’s not your concern, then it’s better to for 256GB that you can buy here on 500 Laptops.

Storage Type

It’s the other important factor that you should keep in your mind. Basically, there are two types of storage available in the market. One is the HDD, and the other is SDD.

SDD is an advanced form of space that’s comparatively efficient than HDD. In other words, if you’re looking for an efficient laptop, then it’s better to go for SDD. SDD is the preferred type for businesses and gaming laptops, and for other needs, HDD is good.

SDD + HDD Combo

In case you had an HDD laptop, and you are upgrading it, it’s better to upgrade with SDD. It will be an SDD + HDD combo laptop that will keep your important files that you will wish to load faster on SDD storage type, and other important stuff that you don’t frequently access will keep on HDD.


To answer your question, how much storage do I need on my laptop? We can conclude that if you’re a small business or looking for a gaming laptop, you should consider buying a 512GB (preferably with SDD type).

And if you need a laptop for your child’s homeschooling or general routine work, then you should buy up to 256GB.

Let us know if it could help you make the decision, and if you still have any questions, let us know with your comments.

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